Joint Projects within the ICNAP Community

Our annual studies answer cross-topic questions from the community. The goal of each project is to develop directly applicable results such as practical guides or demonstrators. At the same time, the results are made available to all members of our community in a study. All members are involved in order to incorporate their specific requirements and to participate in the results. The topics for the collaborative projects are jointly selected during the annual meeting of the ICNAP community. Since the study results are proprietary information of ICNAP, they cannot be described in detail on this website.

Studies 2021#

Deployment of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions in the Production Environment

Virtualization in production

5G for Closed-Loop Manufacturing

Extended Reality in Production


Monetizing Industrial Data

Studies 2020#

Digital Twin Overcoming Borders: Data Exchange Between Different Stakeholders

Artificial Intelligence in Production – In seven steps to a successful AI-project

How to Take Advantage of Digitized Manufacturing


Studies 2019#

Merging data from different manufacturing sources in one digital twin

Development of a reference architecture for 5G-enabled production

Middleware Software for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)