Studies 2021

Extended Reality Applied for Production Line Industrialization

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Hands holding a tablet which is controlling a robot arm
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Challenge and Motivation

  • Extended Reality (XR), including Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, offers the possibility to visualize data and connect it with the real world in real time
  • Introduce XR in development to production phase, to reduce industrialization cost and non-quality cost


  • Identification of which technology (AR, VR, MR) is helpful at which phase of industrialization as well as their challenges and benefits


  • Determine which type of XR is helpful in which phase of industrialization
  • Identify the process environment to which XR can be applied
  • Identify required skills and tools and evaluate human factor aspects
  • Process design for production, through simulation with XR
  • Process analysis to identify the key points and critical steps in introducing XR for improvement
  • Implementation of the XR process and validation of the production line