Research Phase 2

Infrastructure Services „Time Sensitive Networking”

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Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of standards defined by IEEE 802.1 and 802.3, which includes real-time mechanisms for determining communication with high reliability. TSN is completely vendor-independent and backward compatible with existing Ethernet networks and can be operated parallel to them.

To show the benefits of this set of standards, a TSN pipeline was implemented in this project. Two main standards were used: 802.1 AS for time synchronization and 802.1 Qbv “Traffic Scheduling”, enabling cyclic communication via a standard Ethernet network. After building the infrastructure, different devices were tested and the data transmission and time synchronization were measured. In Table 1, the benefits of TSN can be seen for one example setup. Those results were then used to extend the demonstrator in the 5G showroom.

Row Jitter Mean Jitter Max
Best Effort 15666 [ns] 119753 
802. 1 Qbv 63 [ns] 1000003 [ns]