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Innovative Power Solutions for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Two green batteries are standing on a patch of grass
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How can wireless IIoT be self-sustainable?

This study is currently in progress and will conclude by the end of 2023.

Challenge and Motivation

  • Wireless IIoT and wireless sensor networks (WSN) will shape the future of industry
  • With the sole use of batteries, the maintenance to replace or charge is costly, hardly manageable, and incompatible with a sustainable IIoT
  • Self-sustainable sensors and self-powered sensing would revolutionize computing and digitalization in industry


  • Hands-on demonstrator showcasing innovative power solutions for wireless IIoT & WSN


  • Current overview of innovative power solutions for wireless IIoT
  • Design & development of a demonstrator including different power solutions and wireless IIoT systems
  • Experimental study on the demonstrator to compare different power solutions and energy consumption of different sensor systems
  • Analysis of current and future use cases with wireless sensors