Events of the International Center for Networked, Adaptive Production


Last Events

Sixth Annual Meeting of the ICNAP Community

The first day of this year's Annual Meeting will be open to everyone, please reach out to our Community Manager if you would like to attend!

At this year's Annual Meeting of our ICNAP community we will have exciting workshops around the topic of Industry 4.0, hear updates from our five annual studies, and dive into latest insights through keynotes from digitalization experts. Please register here for the first day of the meeting which is open to public. The meeting will take place on December 12th 2023 at at the INC Invention Center in Aachen, Germany. We are looking forward to welcoming you in person! 


Workshops "The Digital Twin Demonstrator - Bringing the Concept to Life" &"Industrialization of Aritifical Intelligence in Production"


On November 15th, we held two workshops relating to current ICNAP studies at Georg Fischer Machining Solutions in Biel. First, André Gilerson lead a workshop on the topic of "The Digital Twin Demonstrator - Bringing the Concept to Life". In our second workshop, Jan Hendrik Hellmich explored the topic "Industrialization of Aritifical Intelligence in Production". These two interactive workshops provided great insights into the work done in both studies over the past year.


Third Mildestone Meeting - Fall Meeting

The third Milestone Meeting of the year took place virtually, providing community members with updates on the progress of ongoing studies. A notable feature of this meeting was the inclusion of interactive workshops focusing on ideas for the ICNAP Working Groups.


Second Milestone Meeting - Summer Meeting

The second Milestone Meeting was hosted in Munich by our partner MTU on the 20th and 21st of June. Community members were able to attend unique agenda items, such as an exlusive tour of the MTU museum. The two days were packed with presentations on the interim results of our current research projects and engaging discussions.



Over two days we attended this year's AWK (Aachener Werkzeugmaschinen Kolloqium). Those days were filled with insightful presentations, talks, and valuable opportunities to meet and interact with top-class experts from across the industry.

Empower Green Production - that was the topic of this year's AWK and that is also the key topic we want to focus on together in our community by jointly pushing forward digitalization in production. 



We had a fantastic weekendat our annual ICNAP Hackathon!

Motivated student teams worked all weekend on three challenging tasks from ICNAP industry partners MTU Aero Engines, IconPro - A.I. Solutions and Philips Engineering Solutions. Topics included using AI to classify good and bad parts as well as synthetic data generation.

Congratulations to all the winners!